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FEBRUARY 9TH at 5:30 pm $25

Celebrate "Gal-entine's" with a touch of self-care! Join our workshop and delve into the world of facial massage and Gua Sha. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience, discovering the secrets to radiant skin and relaxation. Unwind, laugh, and glow together – because self-love is the best kind of love!

Introspective Breathwork® is a therapeutic process that helps melt away the layers of suffering, struggle, anxiety, and stress, and connects you with your body on a deeper level. Discover a felt sense of safety, peace, and well-being, and become energized and inspired in your life.

Through Introspective Breathwork®, you’ll nourish our brain and access the unconscious realms within yourself through your nervous system. You may experience emotions, sensations, feelings, past memories, and a heightened or expanded awareness. From this place, you’ll see things more clearly and have the opportunity to make conscious choices -- to create what you wish for in life.

Anything can happen in a breathwork session, and no two sessions are alike. You may experience :
- a profound feeling or sense of inter-connection to nature and the world around you
- an expanded feeling of compassion and love for yourself and others
- intense physical and emotional experiences
- heart opening and transcendent experiences - healing of emotional or physical trauma

FEBRUARY 3, 2024 5PM-7PM


FEBRUARY 8TH at 5:30 pm $60 PER COUPLE

Indulge in the art of relaxation together! Join our couples workshop and unlock the secrets of a soothing foot and calf massage. Immerse yourselves in a shared experience, learning techniques to pamper each other and enhance the bond between you. Elevate your connection through the power of touch – sign up for an unforgettable journey of wellness and connection today!


Are You Ready?

Learn the amazing techniques to relax and restore.

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