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Everyone had a different reason for booking a facial. Results will differ and depend on the the skin condition, duration and consistency.

Every facial is customized to the clients needs, skin concerns and skin condition. Every description is a generalized idea of what to expect in a session.  Products and modalities will differ.

Someone who chooses to have a pampering facial rather than results-driven facial will have a different outcome than someone who wants an aggressive treatment to control age spots, acne etc...

Patients on a treatment plan to correct a skin condition will need to come in multiple times with shorter intervals in-between. These intervals will be established together. 


The ultimate relaxation session.

A relaxing full body massage 
followed by sculptural 
massage facial.  Leave all your 
worries behind and unwind.

85 Minutes $149.00

Our most luxurious facial session.

Our signature Glow & Sculpt with all 
the bells and whistles. 

Opti Crystal Eye Serum to hydrate 
your delicate under eyes.

Collagen infused hand and foot mask.
95 Minutes $169.00

Traditional Facial, Back or Booty
25 minutes $40.00


Appointment times are limited Please check our schedule for available times. If you can not click on a date, that day is not available.  My scheduling system is open two months out.


Our Services Menu and Prices have changed.  Please read carefully when booking your session.

Effective January 1, 2023


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