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Relaxing full body treatment combining swedish and deep tissue techniques tailored specifically to your needs for total relaxation and pain relief.

55 Minutes            100.00

85 Minutes            $135.00

Area Specific

45 Minutes    $90.00


The Zen

Full Body Massage and Facial Massage

The Ultimate Relaxation Session! A relaxing full body massage  followed by sculptural  massage facial.  Leave all your  worries behind and unwind.

85 Minutes          $159.00

Tibetan singing bowls, sound of healing, Meditation and relax, sound bath..jpg

Massage and Sound

A mix of our R&R session with Sound Therapy. 

Himalayan bowls are strategically placed on and around the body sending vibration through the body creating a flow of sound and energy. Incorporating massage for an even deeper relaxing experience. 

85 Minutes         $159.00


Sole Therapy

Luxurious Foot Massage


Our rejuvenating massage technique targets pressure points to release stress and improve circulation in your soles, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

30 Minutes          $50.00


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